Let's Hope the Gay Agenda Doesn't Figure This Out

Recently, the ACLU, a very gay organization, has filed a lawsuit against very straight Utah congressMEN on behalf of rabble rousing constituents who think elected representatives do not have the right to exclude their constituents:


The lawsuit alleges that Congressmen, who use social media as a device to communicate with the citizenry, who express viewpoints that are hostile to a Congressional representative's political agenda.

Presently, Rep. Johnson can exclude anyone who disagrees with him, and I hear he does exactly that! That is a great way to subvert the gay agenda as well as any agenda that is not entirely subservient to men, who long for the Republic of Gilead.

Thankfully, the gayer voters in the Fourth Congressional District haven't figured out that they can sue Mike Johnson for blocking them. They don't seem to realize that Jane Johnson is the interim director for the ACLU's chapter in Louisiana, and that they can learn about reaching her by clicking this link: https://www.aclu.org/affiliate/louisiana.

They don't know that this link would take them to the Louisiana chapter for the ACLU:


Could you imagine what would happen if Representative Johnson's constituents sued him for the purpose of guaranteeing their voices could be heard? That would be truly awful. It'd be terrible.

The last thing we need is the ACLU with their treasure trove of gayness and gay money filing a suit in a favorable venue. The discovery stage of any lawsuit against Representative Johnson in which he would have to detail who deletes commentary, how they decide what gets deleted, and the parameters for what is considered good versus bad comments are important. Could you imagine his aides getting deposed and being asked whether they are told to eliminate comments from people of color or people of certain faiths or any of those sorts of things? Even if the lawsuit failed, the discovery process would reveal so many things about Representative Johnson that would expose how he will protect America from the gay agenda.

Do not show or tell anyone who may be gay or thinking about becoming gay or had a gay experience at summer camp about this. Do not share the link to this page or any of the stories referenced herein.


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