Support Your Local Firefighter

Anyone who has ever been to Mike Johnson's office or has been engaged in a years-long tickle war with our esteemed Congressman certainly knows how much he loves and supports America's firefighters. This is from my son's calendar that I found in his sock drawer, but I don't understand why he doesn't make it more public, because there's nothing more not gay than supporting our firefighters.

I know a lot of libtards out there might think it's uncool to stand for the pledge of allegiance, say f you word raps songs about the policemen, and to hate on firemen, but think about this. These are men who workout all the time so they can carry you from the smoldering wreckage of the house you bought from a wife who no longer speaks to you. Imagine yourself in a weakened state when a muscular man, sweaty from the flames, lifts and carries you from certain danger. That's right. Show some respect, you Tidepod Eaters.


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